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OS-BT004 Bluetooth touch glove

OS-BT004 Bluetooth touch glove



The gloves use Bluetooth to connect to your phone

and then talk with each other just using your hand.

Gloves also have the Touch screen functon

Silicone case protect the Bluetooth electronic parts



1.Standby Time: About 9days

2.Operation mode: Bluetooth V3.0+EDR

3.Color: Regular color is BALCK

4.Materials: PU + conductive materials

5.Operation range: 10 meters

6.Lithium battery: 110mah

7.Conversation time: 6-8hours

8.Charging time: 1-2 hour

9.Charger input:AV110-240V

10.Charger output: DC5V

11.Accessory:Mini USB charge cable




(1)Sport Portable speaker Mini Bluetooth Speakers

(2)Suitable for Promotion, Gift, Store for sell.

Pocket size to carry anywhere, manual bluetooth speaker