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OS-BT002 Bluetooth touch glove

OS-BT002 Bluetooth touch glove  


The gloves use Bluetooth to connect to your phone and

then talk with each other just using your hand.

Gloves also have the Touch screen functon




1. Screen Touch Glove for any smartphone
2. Acrylic material and Conductive Yarn.
3. 1/2/3 fingers are ok
4. Not only keep your hand warm,but also use your phone with glove.
5. Many colors available,size can be customized.
6. Your design and logo are welcome.
7. Small trial order are welcome


• Color


• Size


• Transmission range


• Conversation time


• Standby time

one week

• Charger input


• Charger output




Bluetooth touch gloves have bluetooth

headsetthe same function, gloves,one


buttons one Blue LED Lighting.

This button sets startup, shutdown hang up,

answer, replay.So, to answer the phone doesn't

need to phone took from his pocket out