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Product Information Specs

Armband With Self-powered LED Light

Model name:OS-SA001



Operating temperature:-40-65?

Water proof:IPX8

Products Size:Suitable for arm circumference from 230MM to 380MMS:for phone screen around 5"
L:for phone screen around 5.5"

Product description:

The feature of :armband with batteryledd self-powered safety LED light 

1 No battery, .as long as the motion, light never extinguished

2.Conversion of kinetic energy into electrical energy

3.IPX8  the  highest level of waterproof, use in the water.

4.with adjustable band ,suitable for most people ,pocket for most mobile phone ,up to 5.5 big scrren mobile phone .


Product Technology


Using the power of people's power and power technology, the night running through their running to the night light running lights. As long as you have been running on the road, the light will always be bright.

1.Running at night, it's a cool thing. But pay attention to the security problems in the night running

2.In the roadside running, due to the dark light , many passing vehicles only in the near distance to see the roadside pedestrians, prone to traffic accidents.

3.So many runners bring the safety night light

4.Traditional night lights  for runner have a great defect, short battery life.

5. Now  the armband with safety night light is batteryless ,it’s  self powered night light  .Movement is the power supply,  life will never stop

6.Conversion of kinetic energy into electrical energy , no battery long as the motion, light never extinguished

7.suitable for most mobile phone ,up to 5.5” big screen

8.High quality requirements, super waterproof, interior waterproof  design, the internal generator can work in  water, IPX8 the highest  waterproof  level, can be used under water

Self-powered safety night light specifications
Power supply self-powered
Unit size with adjustable hand
Unit weight 48g
Operating temperature -40~65?
LED 4pcs LED Light
Water proof IPX8
Material Lycar
Packing Each packed in a polybag