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Our standard range of Video brochures are designed to offer the highest quality, affordable and quickly produced brochures at quantities only limited by your buying requirements.

Video Brochures in more detail:

Video brochures are modern advertising tools that blends, in-hand, print solutions with high tech ultra-thin LCD video screens, variable flash memory and mini USB (and USB 2.0) technology, to produce an incredibly powerful marketing brochure.

These brochures will literally allow the buying audience to hear, see and feel the message being conveyed. Making our Video Brochures one of the most persuasive marketing options available today. With statistics show that Video brochures have an open and play rate of over 90%. With, of that 90%, around 98% of users go on to watch the full video message.

Other Video Brochure Benefits:

Lead Generation: Video Brochures are direct and extremely targeted in the way it’s executed.  You place these in your desired customers and hands and it’s almost a certainty that your message is going to be delivered. Video brochures create interest – it can turn a cold lead to a red hot one after just one watch.

The results are extremely easy to track: For any marketing campaign you run, you will want to track the performance of that campaign, monitoring how well it has been received. The inherent cost of these LCD brochures means that you need pre determine your audience – these are not just sent out aimlessly. You design, target and execute. The comeback from a well-executed Video Brochure campaign will return impressive feedback.

Your corporate message is enhanced: We all know people respond to videos much more than they do print alone. Brochures negate the possible negative effects of reader interpretation because you manage exactly how your message is conveyed.

Oceanstar-gift Video brochures are produced using only quality products including high-spec memory, reliable lithium batteries, EVA foam for added protection, high quality laser printing and high resolution LCD screens (ranging from 2.4 inches to 10.1 inches). All of which can be, optionally, upgraded and altered to suit your needs – offering a truly bespoke product.